Monday, June 1, 2009

Updates, Updates!!

Randall and I went to the doctor last Thursday for our final ultra sound. Charlotte weighs 6lbs 15oz. already.....which means I'm sure she weighs 7lbs by now! She was so cute the whole time we were watching her on the ultra sound she was practicing sucking on her bottom lip, we think she has big lips like her momma. Everything looked good at the appointment and I was 1cm dilated. Our doctor is going to induce me on the 10th (a week early) yay!! So, unless she decides to make an early appearance she'll be here on the 10th!! We can't wait to meet our little girl!

Over the weekend we went to Evan's Karate Belt Test, he did so well! He is now officially a Purple Belt (almost half way to Black)! Charlotte is going to be so lucky to have such a tough big brother to watch over her!!!

We also had family photos taken over the weekend at Bull Creek in Austin. Randy Tinney, our photographer who took our engagement pictures and wedding pictures took these also. We just love Randy and his wife he is such a talented photographer and so fun to work with!!! Here are just a couple of photos from this weekend. We should have all of them in the next week or two!

Other than that we just laid by the pool on Saturday, went to a movie on Sunday and got some more of Charlotte's Room and gadgets put together. I'll get some nursery pictures put up soon!! I just love her room!!

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  1. Congrats Mere on having an induction date!! It is so close and yet so far away!!!! Go see lots of movies at the theater and sleep as much as you can!!!