Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a Summer!!!

So, Charlotte is 10weeks old today and is already trying to sit up!!! Can you believe that??? When you lay her down against your knees she tries to pull up. We've been propping her on the sofa and she loves it. She's trying to be a big girl already. Don't you just love those chubby cheeks?!! I know I do!! When I took her to the doctor last week she got her 2 month old shots, which she hated (and so did I) and she weighed 12.8lbs!! She's really growing fast, her head circumference and weight are in the 50-75th percentile and her height is in the 25th percentile....we're sure she'll even out as she gets more active. At least we know she's getting fed!!

Right after we got back from NJ we headed to Spring for my sweet friend Abby's Wedding. She made a beautiful bride, and again I should have taken more pictures, but it's hard to take pictures and burp/change/nurse/rock a baby. This is her getting ready right before the ceremony.

And more napping on her daddy...her arms are draped over both sides of him, so sweet.

Evan is a thrill seeker for sure. He would have rode every roller coaster on the boardwalk in NJ, if he would have been tall enough. He already likes the ones that go backwards and upside down--my kinda kiddo! This is Vincent and Evan going up, up up....

Charlotte's MomMom had a baby picture of her and Charlotte could have been her twin. We definitely think she has her MomMom's nose. :)

Charlotte napping on her daddy in NJ....she slept great the whole time we were there. We all think it was the fresh sea air. Lord knows we haven't been getting out of the house much in Austin because it's been too dang hot!!

Yes, we are crazy and took our 8 week old on a 3 hour plane ride to New Jersey. She was great though, slept most of the trip....no nasty looks from the fellow fliers--way to go Charlotte!! We stayed about a week to visit Randall's family. We should have taken more pictures, but I was busy with the baby and Randall was busy taking pictures of himself drinking and posting them on facebook (haha). We got a few though!

Charlotte's first swimming experience at my parent's house was not too great. We dressed her all up in her little swimming outfit and then as soon as we put her in the water she started to scream. We know she'll love it one day....just not that day apparently. The outfit was too darn cute though!

Evan turned 9!! I can't believe next year he will be 10, that doesn't seem possible. We threw him a birthday party at "Pump it Up" where everything is inflateable. Him and his friends had a good time running around and playing and then he got to eat his cookie cake in the "Kings' Chair" (I think I need one of these at our house)!

She loves bath time now, she even splashes with her feet. When we take her out of the tub her hair is sooooo curly, but it dries straighter, so we don't know what her hair is going to do as she grows!!

Her favorite....the swing. She now has 3 one at our house, one at MiMi and Daddy Glenn's, and one at MomMom and PopPop's. It must be nice to be the princess. ...

We spent 4th of July in Spring. My parents had a family reunion and Charlotte got to meet some of her cousins and her Great Aunt Suzie! They were both dressed for the holiday!

We've had a very bbbbbusy summer! I'm obviously not the best at blogging, so please accept my apologies for all of you who check back frequently (Katie, Jean, Mom, Bren, etc.)!! I hope you enjoy the pictures of our family from this summer.


  1. Those are great picts! Thanks for updating all of us :o) I want to see her again soon!!!

  2. Finally a post!! Tell Charlotte she is growing up too fast :( Should be another fun-filled busy weekend... when will it ever end?!?