Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Months it Spring yet?!?

Hey Everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing well. Is it just me or is winter dragggggggggging on forever?! I'm so ready for Spring. My mom is right, even though February is the shortest month it feels like the longest. Hurry up SPRING!!!
Well let's see what's been going on with us....
Randall and I have been so swamped at work. It's been hard for us to keep our heads above water. It's been challenging juggling everything life has thrown our way lately, but we think it's just bringing us closer. We've been trying to make it to Church more and really putting God first in our lives. It feels so much better to let Him have control, than for us to try and control everything our self. It's amazing how much better you feel when you let God sit in the drivers seat...thank goodness for Him!!!

The kiddos are doing great. Evan is LOVING lacrosse and Randall is LOVING coaching lacrosse just as much, if not more. It's cute to watch them suit up and throw the ball around outside. Charlotte and I are lucky to have such cute boys!! Charlotte is still working on crawling....she tries so hard and just hasn't figured it out. She can definitely scoot herself around and is able to pull herself up to stand too. She's not only strong, but strong willed.....if we take something away from her she let's us have it for sure!! Hmmm, I wonder who she gets that from?? We had to lower her bed a few weeks ago because she's figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up and now she even pulls up on her bed!! We have a video baby monitor, so I use to be able to keep an eye on her after I put her down for a nap or bed, but now the little stinker scoots out of the view of the I have to sneak in her room to check on her sometimes. She's a smart one that girl! Sometimes she'll just stare at the camera, like ok mom......the gigs up come and get me. haha.
Valentines Day was low key....we got up and made blueberry pancakes and then went to church. It was nice just spending the day with the family. I'm very blessed to have such a happy, healthy family. I just love them all to pieces!!
Hope you guys enjoy all the recent pictures....
Love to all!!

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